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Digital Every-day Life

Changes in teacher-student relationship within the new digital learning environment

PhD Research (2001-2005). Tsambika Karakiza. Supervisor: Bettina Davou

Media Illiteracy and the Need for Reconstructing Teacher-Student Relationship

Non-verbal Communication in the Classroom

Parent Child Relational Quality and the Use of Media

PhD Research (2008-2014). Katerina Spetsiotou. Supervisor: Bettina Davou

Summary of PhD Thesis

Media as mediators of the parent-child relationship (In Ev. Kourti (Ed.) Childhood and Media. Athens: Herodotus Publications /OMEP, 2012, pp 208‐224)

Implementation and Evaluation of a Media Literacy Training Program for Greek Elementary School Teachers

Researchers: Bettina Davou, Vassiliki Nika, Research funded by the University of Athens, Special Account for Research Grants, (Code No. 70/4/4132) (2005-2007)

Media Literacy Training Programme

Adolescents' Relationships with the Internet and the Issue of Addiction

PhD Research. Anthi Sidiropoulou. Supervisor: Bettina Davou. Funded by N.K.U.A./S.A.R.G

Summary of PhD Thesis

Cognitive and emotional effects in the technologically mediated environment

Family Life around Screens: Some thoughts on the impact of ICTs on psychological development and the development of relationships (International Journal of Contemporary Family Therapy, 39(4):261-270)

Multitasking of existence: The technologically mediated everyday life of the new digital generation (Journal Psychology, Hellenic Psychological Society)